Boston Marathon

Posted: April 17, 2013 by By The Numb3rs (BTN LLC) in Boston Marathon, In My Opinion, Marathon, New York Times, Tragic
Why I’m Disgusted with The New York Times

bostontearYesterday Dana Lundon (awesome radio personality who I stalk because she has cats!) made a comment online that implored others not to share photos of people who were physically affected by the bombing at the Boston Marathon (i.e. missing limbs, etc.). I thought, “People are dumb and should know better”. Then I remembered a sign someone posted in the women’s bathroom at a company I worked at several years ago: “Kindly wash your hands before leaving the bathroom…and it’s ridiculous a sign like this has to be POSTED at all.” Grown adults have to remind other grown adults to clean themselves after they pee.

Stellar. Worthy of a Pee Award statue (little gold plated urinal?).

The New York Times would be a recipient of such an award.

I was in line at *cough*-bucks this morning, and while I waited for my turn at the counter I checked out the mugs and thermo-mugs on the wall. As I fought the urge to buy more coffee paraphernalia the New York Times caught my eye. The front page had a color photo of a woman who clearly had been a victim of one of the bombs that went off at the Boston Marathon. There were two men who were photographed helping her.

The picture virtually swallowed the front page.

I felt great sorrow for the woman on the front page. You realize that’s the picture she’s going to be associated with for the next year? It’ll be the picture she’s associated with when the Boston Marathon gears up for 2014, 2015, 2016, and so on.

Nobody should ever have to be remembered for any tragedy in such a way.


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