Take a Cue From a Teenager

liamlickThe handsome, tongue slopped young man in the photo here I’ve known since he was somewhere around two and a half/three years old. His mom is my best friend and they are family to me. They rearranged their lives a couple times to help me out (my gratitude is as deep as the ocean), and I have had the unique opportunity to watch Liam grow up through my relationship with them. He’s quite the young man.

I didn’t realize Liam had only known me big and round his entire life. Near the end of 2011 he gave me a hug and wouldn’t let go. I had no idea what he was up to, he just flipped his hands up and down behind me and said, “Look!” three or four times. I think I huffed, “What??” and Christine (his mom) from the kitchen asked the same thing. Liam said, “I can put my arms all the way around you!”

Liam and I have a thing: I get a “hi” hug and a “bye” hug.

Couple of weeks ago I stopped by their house for breakfast and coffee with Chris. I was on a stool with my back to the stairs and he said something about every time he sees me I look thinner. Of course that earned a hug…then he tried pinning my arms and it almost ended badly for him (I train with Mark!). 🙂

So, Liam, thank you. You out of everyone have said the most wonderful compliments to me and I will treasure them in my heart for the rest of my life. I know men two and three times your age who could take a lesson from your actions.

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