Rather than succumb to the deep dark desire to mosey into town and wrestle a skinny girl to the ground for her wares at the cup cake shop, I thought I’d make something (I know…don’t fall over). Without further ado:

Sneaker Mix

1 cup Cheerios (multigrain O’s, or organic)
1/2 cup (30 g) unsalted raw almonds
2 oz Sunfoods Goji Berries
2 tbs Navitas Chia Seeds
2 tbs Navitas Hemp Seeds
1 tbs (heaping) Hershey’s Cocoa Powder
Cinnamon, Nutmeg (amount varies by person’s tastes)
Artificial sweetner

Put all ingredients into a food processor and pulverize for 2-3 minutes. Two or three almonds may try to escape the blades, simply tap the container to loosen things around a bit then pulverize again. The consistency will be similar to flour. Keep the mix in a sealed container or Zip Lock bag in a cool, dry place.

You’re probably thinking, “Okay…great. Now what do I do?” Simple: anything you want! I think yogurt or cottage cheese would be a great place to start (it offsets some of the tartness in plain yogurt – I didn’t try it in Greek yogurt, though. I’m going to try that tomorrow).

Just a few notes about the ingredients:

Eating nuts reduces the risk of heart disease. Almonds have the same heath-promoting fats found in olive oil. They also have vitamin E, can aid in lower LDL numbers, lots of magnesium (great for veins & arteries, increases oxygen and blood flow), and potassium (helps maintain normal blood pressure).

Chia & Hemp seeds have omega fats, protein, antioxidants and lots of fiber. They have a light nutty flavor. Chia seeds absorb liquid which makes them good for hydration and feeling full. Hemp seeds can be eaten plain or sprinkled on..well..anything. Hemp is a great source of veggie protein.

So there you have it: Sneaker Mix.


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