rise upGovernor Chris Christie made a decision to take control of his weight, to not leave his children fatherless and his wife a widow. He is the biggest political figure in America, what does that have to do with you?

Did the Governor’s admission affect your serving sizes? Did you set one less place at the dinner table? Did you buy less or more at the market? What about Governor Christie’s admission to lap-band surgery has shifted the sands of time in your life?

To be around for his family for the second half of his life set to the side for a second: politically it was a brilliant admission. The republican party will most likely nominate Christie as a candidate to run for President for the 2016 election. He’ll create quite the political hailstorm, he’ll command attention, his name will be spoken in every household in America (in any light). He’ll never be elected President as a morbidly obese man.

Six to eight months from now he’s going to look frigging amazing. Just watch!

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