That’s a line from a song in one of the Rocky movies.

It takes an amazing amount of talent to publicly display mental dullness and foolishness (sprinkled with a lack of intelligence and sensitivity). I especially enjoy the comments which float around social media which state weight loss surgery “is the easy way out”, and that God doesn’t listen to them. Those people are obtuse (thank you Andy Dufresne).

Side note: God does listen to you. If you find yourself neck deep in flood waters and beg for help, He’ll send help (rescue boat, helicopter with a ladder, etc.). You can climb out of the water or drown. Even though the tools necessary to get out of the flood waters are within your grasp, your metal dullness and foolishness will result in your preventable demise.

24 months ago I had gastric bypass. I go to the gym, I’ve been with the same trainer for 21 months, I’m addicted to Starbucks. I weigh and measure my food. I read labels all the time. I’ve lost about 140lbs, 33.5 inches from head to toe, two shoe sizes…and I bought a skirt (it’s been 15 years since I had worn a dress/skirt).

If you think for one second I took the easy way out…well…you’re pretty obtuse.


  1. Keep up the hard work!

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