I had dug around in my box of weight loss surgery stuffs for some items that had been handed out pre and post-op. There was a “Get Your Kitchen Situated” list; the “Hi, the shrink says you’re not nuts…here’s your next to-do list” letter); “Vitamins to have on hand…for…ev…er” list; lists about food “Stages” (liquids, squishies, solids, Starbucks).

Actually, I think Starbucks should be a food group.

None of what had been contained in my little box of weight loss really explained what would happen to my cute self when all the weight came off. Rapid or gradual weight loss always results in physical changes: my nose shrank, my boobs mysteriously got bigger (I’m in denial and don’t care what the 4’11 lady said while I got fitted for a new bra).

Oh…clothes shopping? Really? It’s not (make little quote signs with your fingers) shopping.

Those of us who have personally experienced massive weight loss know all too well the frustration fitting rooms hold. Two weeks ago I spent the better part of half an hour in a pathetic stubborn effort to get into a Spanx tank. The damn thing rolled behind me because I somehow got it wrapped up in its own fabric and hooked in my bra-strap. To add insult to injury, the light overhead made that little fitting room hotter than a book shelf in hell.

After I wiggled out of the Spanx tank with a couple of MMA moves Mark taught me, I saw the back of a tag which had instructions. Plain as day: “Step INTO your shape wear.

I rock.

sneakerbinMy experience with new sneakers has been just as enjoyable, as you can see. There are 15 pair of sneakers in my bin: Nike (3 pair), New Balance (5 pair), Reebok (3 pair), Champion (2 pair), Kmart Blue Light Special (2 pair).

I now own my own sneaker factory.

Well…maybe own is a tad dramatic.

As a person who has first-hand experience with rapid weight loss, it would not be unreasonable to think I take as much care with the purchase of new sneakers as I do wrestling with Spanx.


Fat people walk differently than non-fat people (sounds like I just described yogurt). The muscles in my body had to compensate for my weight which means my legs would roll out (all of my shoes were worn down on the outside of the heels). Now that I weigh about 140lbs less than I did two years ago, I walk differently. The type of shoe I wore then I cannot wear now, and this is true for a lot of people in the weight loss community.

Failure to take the time to properly shop for sneakers could develop foot and/or ankle problems down the road. Gym sneakers are different than street sneakers. Running sneakers are different than cross train sneakers. The cool sneakers on the rack at a discount will not do their job if they do not fit properly. Don’t be me and look like a shoe who…um…hoarder. Love the feet you’re in, get fitted!

There’s a great article here on shopping for sneakers. If you have any additional input, toss me a note at sneakerporndiaries@yahoo.com

  1. and let’s not even get started about how differently you will walk in heels… I clunk around in mine now… when I was young and skinny, I floated in the like a gazelle on a mission.

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