Traci McGowan

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Traci McGowan

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New Balance • Max Lucado • Crowder • Tomlin • Nockels • Jesus • Starbucks • Carmel frapp • Sarcasm • Friendships • Laughter • TRX • 33-inches • JFK • apple crack • Sharpies • Journals • Writing • Passionate • Great • Devoted • Smart • Witty • Jeep • Fan of the Underdog

Fam Faqs:
I was born in June of 1970 in Canton, Ohio (about 60 miles south of Cleveland). I have siblings: Michael – handsome, married to Jamey, and they love two very handsome boys in Phoenix. Christopher (twin to Matthew): handsome, has a contagious giggle, loves his family and dogs and is a tad OCD (yay!). Matthew (twin to Christopher): husband to JJ, mischievous, handsome, loves animals, really should open his own comedy club. Parents are Mary & Steve: they’ve been together forever. Mom’s the princess of the family, Dad’s the genius – in everything he touches.

• I really want to work with people who find themselves challenged by life’s circumstances, especially those who struggle with substance abuse, addictions and/or weight issues.
• Word studies. I can spend hours digging through one word or passage in the Bible and find all sorts of hidden gems. Makes for great conversation with friends and others in and out of the church atmosphere.
• Triple Venti Carmel Frappuccino…with the extras. Anything less is coffee abuse.
• Working out. Boxing. TRX. Boot Camp. Spinning. Row machine. Falling off stair climbers.

• Crowder, Tomlin, Nockels.
• Shawshank.
• Listening.
• Sharpie pens & journals.
• Writing.
• The Kennedy family.
• Debi.

• 33-inches. In 24 months I’ve lost 33 inches: 2.75 feet. About the height of an under-the-counter dishwasher or the world’s smallest cow in England. I’ve dropped the physical equivalent to Charlize Theron, about 60% of my excess body weight. I did have RNY gastric-bypass surgery May of 2011. I worked my butt off.

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