You Won’t Believe WHAT I Did!!

Posted: June 9, 2013 by By The Numb3rs (BTN LLC) in Crazy, Decay, Detroit, Friends, Graffiti, Packard Automobile Plant, Rubble, Tagging, Urban Exploring
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Yesterday was chocked full of NSV’s (non-scale victories to you non-weighted folks).

I saw a llama. The Royal Oak Public Library had an event to kick off their Adult & Teen Summer Reading program, there was a tiny (very tiny) petting zoo-ish area. There was a little goat, who couldn’t be bothered. A very fat turkey (his days are numbered). A little pony. And a llama. I smiled, I thought it was cool. The llama on the other hand…well, let’s just say if it were a camel I think it would have spat on my head.

I checked out four books I’ve never read. Sadly I admit I am just tad too digitized and have some very lousy habits that, coupled with my addiction to things crunchy, could arguably list me as the poster child for hermit crab syndrome.

John and Christine picked me up for a field trip to Detroit, and picked up their friends Al & Trish. It was the first time I had ever sat in the back seat of a vehicle with two other people. I used to like BE the back seat (yes, it was said out loud).

Fit in the space/doorway to the women’s bathroom at Union Station (pit-stop, girls had to go). There would have been absolutely NO way two years ago I could have gotten through there.

Went Urban Exploring. It’s a thing here apparently. It was FUN. OMG. I will so go again. We went to the Packard Plant in Detroit. It’s 40 acres of rubble, spray paint, broken glass, etc. Al said where we were at only gave us a glimpse of about five percent of the plant. Totally unreal. Later we got a bite to eat in Mexican Town (real burritos!),  had coconut ice cream (except John, he’s addicted to pastries).

Some pictures of the Packard Plant are below

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