Monday Minute: Healthy Tips for Busy Folks

Posted: July 29, 2013 by By The Numb3rs (BTN LLC) in Exercise, family, Fitness, Healthy Living, In My Opinion, Inspiration, Quick Tips
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Studies show our current pace with work and family life does affect our health on a variety of levels. When you feel stressed, cortisol (a stress hormone) is released into your body. It creates an imbalance which can accelerate aging, promote weight gain, interrupt sleep, and create a large amount of other health issues: high blood pressure, body pain, anxiety, etc.

Exercise is a GREAT way to relieve stress, it de-clutters the brain (kind of hard to think about the next ten items on your to-do list when you’re holding a dumbbell over your head). If you’re pressed for time, and you’re stress level is out the door, try incorporating a few quick moves throughout your day to de-clutter the brain and improve your health. Not meant to be a replacement for a regular exercise routine, the suggestions below at least will help you get through the day little less stressed and help you not to chew someone’s arm off. 🙂

Start-Schedule breaks throughout the day. Take a brisk 10 minute walk outside.
-Purpose to make lunch a physical activity.
-Use the stairway at the office instead of the elevator.
-Wake up 5 minutes early and do some stretches, jumping jacks, squats.
-Walk, run, bike to where you have to go versus drive.
-For families, consider making dinner or a weekend meal picnic style at a park.
-Walk together instead of parking in front of the TV or the game station.
-Read a book.

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