Tuesday Takeaways: Tackling Weight Loss Stalls

Posted: July 30, 2013 by By The Numb3rs (BTN LLC) in Exercise, Fitness, Healthy Living, Quick Tips, success, Tuesday Takeaways, Weight Loss
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shoeIf you’ve been doing “all the right things” with eating well and exercise and your scale has been hysterically laughing at you for an extended period of time in a refusal to budge, don’t freak out. It’s a stall (otherwise referred to as a “plateau”), and quite normal in weight loss – and of course they’ll happen if you’ve wandered off your regiment into the land of “um…maybe….well…YES! CUPCAKES!”.

Speaking of Cupcakes
Have a day where you cheat a little. It’ll make you feel better emotionally and push aside some funky psychological thoughts. Also, healthy doesn’t mean food prison. By all means, eat healthy and every now and then grab a cupcake.

Drink It, Lick It, Eat It, Log It!
I know, preachin’ to the choir. Logging your foods tells you where you very well might be off nutritionally (i.e. you might have one healthy day and six cheat days, ahem!). It also keeps things visual, otherwise you’ll be grazing and picking all day long. Log everything for a week and see what you learn about yourself. You might be surprised.

Shake Up the Workouts
If you’re doing the same routine all week long, it’s time to make a switch. Hit the stair climber, try the treadmill, do the elliptical, try a few thousand meters on the row machine. You can do group fitness classes: Zumba, Spin, Kick Boxing, Outdoor Boot Camp, CrossFit.  If you are working out a lot and not seeing results, do the opposite. Take a rest day or two.

Changing things up will prevent boredom, keep your body on its toes, and will help you make your health journey a success!!

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