How to Get Your Protein & Make a Vegan Dinner (by Accident)

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My budget is not as expansive as it once was (Starbucks is now a luxury, not a necessity….twitch…twitch), so I haven’t been buying snack foods and other crap like I normally would. This is difficult for me as I have a massive pretzel addiction (I can easily go through a big bag in 2-3 days…which will be curbed now. I just saw what that did to my food diary) and live right across the street from a party/convenience store. Sometimes I allow my single life to dictate much of what I do (i.e. I’m lazy and really hate to cook for one), which makes for poor eating choices more often than not (which isn’t all that great considering I peddle a boot camp class). However, I am committed to a healthy life and healthy lifestyle.

Those two do not happen if I’m screwing around, AND I cannot give honest feedback to people through social networks if I’m not educating myself with healthy choices. For instance, the subject of getting all your protein in for the day through food sources other than protein shakes came up. I’m a shake person, and I will have one or two a day (the other night I made a frozen shake…OMG!). I personally do not feel the need to remove 100% of the shakes out of my diet, but others do. So I thought, what the heck could I do to answer that question.

Prior to my workout, I started my day with McCann’s Steel Rolled Oats and Hemp Pro Fiber. The combo was “okay”, I’m just not 100% sold on the baby poo food green color. Truvia didn’t mask the color, nor did it mask the dry of the hemp (this is obviously going to be a work in progress).

After my workout I had Cheerios, ½ cup of Trader Joe’s Vanilla Soy Milk, Chia & Hemp seeds.

Later I had pretzels (#failure), a cup of coffee (brewed, not bough), and I think something else – for the life of me I cannot remember what….

Dinner Ingredients

Dinner Ingredients

For dinner I made lentils & split peas with curried TVP & NoOodles (side note: Quest’s Pastabilities are MUCH better). I weighed out a serving each of the lentils & split peas on the food scale, then boiled them with some garlic powder and cracked pepper. Once those were about finished, I cooked up the TVP according to the directions and added my own homemade curry powder. The color was perfect. Lastly, I added a package of NoOodles. I did not cook those to the package directions, rather added them to the curried TVP. They have to stay in the pan until they’re no longer white, but translucent. Then I topped it with some of the lentils & split peas. Kind of looked like I added vegetables. On the side, fire roasted diced tomatoes (another note: make your own. The canned ones are incredibly tart and taste like aluminum).

When I finished cooking I realized I accidentally made a vegan dish (yay me! Sorta…I still like cow).

IMG_1508 IMG_1509


My day kind of ended up like this:

575 Cals
75 Carbs
23 Fat
27 Fiber
30 Protein

Pretzel Fail:
200 Calories
46 Carbs
0 Fat
2 Fiber
4 Protein

165 Cals
29 Carbs
0 Fat
11 Fiber
13 Protein

940 Cals
150 Carb
23 Fat
40 Fiber (which brings Carbs to 110)
47 Protein

Did I do it? Not exactly. My protein intake is typically over 100. My caloric intake should be somewhere between 1,200 and 1,500. So, I’ll have an Isopure shake to top out the day.

It is possible. If you’re a grab & go person, might be a bit more difficult. But it’s totally possible, and if you’re a meal planner – this is a great option.

If you have any healthy protein intake suggestions, shoot me a note at

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