I think I mentioned recently I have an increased fondness for outdoor exercise – boot camp or my regular routines, really doesn’t matter. The entire concept is just so different from the confines of a gym. There’s no TV, no stench, no shared equipment, no waiting for someone to get out of the way. It just…works.

It is a little dirty…not in the XTina kind of way…and not in the “Hey [beeeeeep]…you did NOT just walk away from your machine without wiping it down” kind of way. It’s dirt. Real dirt. Dirt that says, “I did something dirty today”.

(All of this is just cracking my friends up who know how OCD I really am.)

Today at Boot Camp there were inchworms, plank jacks, squat thrusts…all movements which require touching dirt. I had dirt on my arms, in my gloves, in my fingernails (eew), all over my face, got a little grit on my teeth, dirt in my socks, something in my hair (I think it was alive, and I really don’t wanna know).

Although I won’t be out making mud pies anytime soon, I did enjoy the workout and can’t wait until tomorrow.

This is a picture only a CSI could love. That’s what I found when I finished my squat thrusts.


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