What Kind of Shoe for You: How to Pick a Great Pair of Sneakers

Posted: August 11, 2013 by By The Numb3rs (BTN LLC) in Exercise, Feet, Fitness, Healthy Living, In My Opinion, Laces, Sneakers, Summer
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Sneakers. There are millions put out by well known sneaker manufacturers: New Balance, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Asics, etc. Sneakers need to work well, and you need more than one pair (I know…my bin is a tiny bit overfull).

Here are some tips on how to pick a great pair of sneakers:

1. Wear proper socks. When shopping for sneakers, it’s important you wear a pair of socks that you would wear in the gym, not everyday socks. Sneaker socks (you saw that coming) should be moisture wicking with a fit that doesn’t lose shape. Plus, if you try new sneakers on with everyday socks, they’re not going to fit as well with sneaker socks.

2. Different sneakers for different activities. Running sneakers are different than biking sneakers, and they’re different from gym sneakers. There are also different from everyday sneakers. Running sneakers tend to fit differently and be slightly bigger than gym sneakers to allow room for swelling. Biking sneakers are narrower than other sneakers, and the good ones have clips on the bottoms so feet don’t slip off the pedals (these are usually worn by a hard core spinner or endurance cyclist). Gym sneakers should be just that: gym sneakers. Albeit this is my personal opinion, but I have learned if you wear the same pair of sneakers for everything, you’ll have problems with your feet later.

3. Get fitted. If you’re planning to run, get to a run shop and have them fit you for a pair of running shoes. You’ll pay a few bucks for them, but your feet with thank you for miles and miles and miles. Run shops will watch you stand, watch how you walk, and choose several sneakers for you to try on that would work best for YOU.

4. Bend those suckers. Best piece of advice I ever got pertaining to shoes in general was from a chiropractor. He emphasized the importance of proper support in foot wear. I do this with every pair of sneakers or other shoes I purchase. Before you even try the sneaker on, bend it. I mean, really bend it. If the sneaker bends easily or or gives too much in the arch, put it back. Look for another pair. Just because they’re on sale or on clearance does not make them stellar. Improper support, regardless of any activity you do, will kill your feet and cause problems to your ankles. There is also a domino effect: your knees will be bothered due to improper support (you’ll walk differently), and your ankles will feel sore in all the wrong places. This can happen with a great pair of sneakers, too. I have learned that’s temporary with great sneakers. My feet had to get used to being in something nice.

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of how to check for proper support in your sneakers click the first one to see the slideshow):

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