Fit to Write: Don’t Ever Say You Can’t Do Something

Posted: August 16, 2013 by By The Numb3rs (BTN LLC) in Weekly Writing Challenge
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In response to Weekly Writing Challenge.

I hear “I can’t” a lot: when I invite people to my Boot Camp class or a simple workout; to a small group Bible study, or to church. When I invite others to exercise with me, kid you not, their reaction is a lot like Dracula’s would be if you were to breathe on him after a garlicky Italian feast. When I mention God – whether via an invite, or sharing that I like “spending time” with God – the reaction tends to be more acidic. You know, like I poured acid in their ear? I’m meeeeeeelting….I’m meeeeeltiiiiiing…

Matthew McConaughey’s father told him once, “Don’t ever say you can’t do something. That means there’s absolutely no way to do it. If you can’t do something, how are you ever gonna fix something? How are you gonna figure the problem out? how are you gonna ask for help? You’re gonna have trouble doing a lot of things in life, but they can be done. If you say ‘I can’t’, that means there’s no solution, you’ve given up, you’ve quit. But if you’re ‘having trouble’, that means even though you may know at the time how to solve the problems, you know there’s a way…”

That’s the key: “I can’t” says never. “Having trouble” says it can be figured out.

“I can’t” kills the image in the mirror. “I can’t” destroys the self-esteem of a child. “I can’t” breeds selfish destruction (not self, selfish). “I can’t” tells the person who has spoken to you that you are no longer attentive to anything they’ve spoken. You’ve tuned off and checked out.

Two years ago my trainer had me run the back stairs at the gym I was a member at. I said “I can’t” quite a bit. He’d ignore me, then push for  another set. When the pain in my knees knocked me out of the gym for 7-10 days at at time, we stopped the stair routine and implemented another exercise. Two or three months later we tried the stairs and I was successful.

I also had lost 40lbs.

I was reminded of this today while at a session with my trainer today. I had to do deep squats with a 45lb barbell on my shoulders (45 total), followed by curls & presses with 20lb dumbbells (2=40lbs).

I can only imagine what my life would have been like had I continued to say “I can’t”.

Don’t ever say you can’t do something. Once you do, it’s like you gave up the fighter in you.

Hanging Boxing Gloves

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