No, No – You Can’t Take That Away From Me

Posted: December 28, 2014 by By The Numb3rs (BTN LLC) in Bariatric sugery, Daily Prompt
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December 31st of 2010 I wrote my very first post here on SPD. I completely forgotten about it until I read The Daily Post’s writing prompt for today. I’m not going to rewrite the post. However, I am going to share an update.

I hit my highest weight earlier that year, tipping the scale around 365 lbs. My primary care physician (short, incredibly easy to look at fellow who’s wife chose his ties) flopped the topic of weight loss surgery onto the table because – frankly – my health was pretty jacked. I had surgery May of 2011.

Well, I lost 140 pounds initially, not right away. I spent a good three months sitting on my couch during non-working hours with the thought I’d wake up one morning to find I had been magically transported into a smaller persons body (‘snort!). After my weight loss doctor pushed the “I promise if you move” button for what felt like the millionth time, I hired a trainer for six weeks. We met three times a week for thirty minutes a pop and I flat out refused to do anything else. At the end of the six weeks I had lost 25 pounds and seventeen inches from head to toe. Then we did three sixty minute sessions a week. I added in spin, falling off the stair climber, tried running, got into boxing drills (complete with bloody knuckles!), and some weight training. One day my trainer had me drag 140 pounds of weights on a sled across the parking lot. That was cool. And a lot different than dragging it around for twenty years. I did gain back about twenty, my fault. I got lazy, then got lazier about being lazy, which as others have written over the years leads to weighty. Still, 120ish pounds is nothing to shake a stick at.

Stay tuned, I’m certain another stair climber fail is right around the corner.

I couldn’t sit in a booth back in 2010, and hadn’t been able to so for years. There’s plenty of room now between me and the table, which is still weird from time to time. If the table moves, I still push it away when I sit down out of habit.

My car of force choice was an SUV. I couldn’t fit into a small vehicle. As a matter of fact, I barely fit into my Grand Cherokee. Within the year I had a substantial gap between my middle and the steering wheel. I did get an Explorer, but it was just too big and I downsized. Now I’m putzing around in a VW Passat. That is weird.

I lost 14 pant sizes. I’m no longer as round as a hockey stick is long (I was sixty three inches around). 1.5 shoes sizes. I can wrap bath towels around me. I still like the elliptical. Have hopes of running a 5k this coming year. I freeze to death in cold weather (okay…if there were regrets for weight loss, that’s the only one). I acquired another tattoo. I can cross my legs, which I do often. I adopted a cat (he’s cool and has his own Facebook page).

So while I got off track a  little, that certainly doesn’t negate all the progress I’ve made. No, no, you can’t take that away from me.


  1. You’re amazing and strong. I think about losing weight but that is about all I do. Then again, I’m not in the category you were in and my doctor only talks about cutting down to 2 cups of tea/caffeine per day and how good my cholesterol looks. I’m thankful to have my knitting to keep my fingers busy (so I don’t keep eating) and the kids and animals to keep me moving, even when I don’t think I can any more. You’re awesome!

  2. lifelessons says:

    Good for you. You look great and it is obvious from your writing that you feel great, too. Judy

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