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December 31st of 2010 I wrote my very first post here on SPD. I completely forgotten about it until I read The Daily Post’s writing prompt for today. I’m not going to rewrite the post. However, I am going to share an update. (more…)

I follow several fitness bloggers, my favorite being Steve & Bonnie Pfiester and their BCX Boot Camp page and LiveExercise program (um…no…really…I’m not a stalker). They have honest, practical, in-your-face content I just suck up.

Not to be confused with “suck it up” – that’s later.

Bonnie’s latest blog is about Celebrity Bodies, before and afters, what’s normal, etc. In her post she talks about what her weight typically looks like, what it looks like when she preps for photo shoots, and when staying a bit leaner. Bonnie also mentioned she’s been a bit more than her leanest weight, what makes her feel, miserable, and what twenty pounds more feels like.

I don’t want to quote her entire post. What I do want to quote is this: “We all have that weight where we feel our best, and mine is (go read the blog). That is a weight I feel good at, and I feel like I can maintain without being miserable.”

This is a frigging fantastic comment and one I cannot comfortably say. For while I’m incredibly happy I do not stare at numbers which loom slightly under the 400lb mark any longer (I still can’t wrap my head around that, I am not happy where I’m currently at – which is still another 55-60 pounds from my goal weight.

My goal isn’t out of reach. I know all I have to do is get off the lazy truck and do what I know I’m supposed to be doing. I have a lot of motivation: my friend Jill who weighed just ten pounds more than I did when we both embarked on our weight loss journeys (she threw herself into the gym – and that is an understatement!). My #1 Jesus Mum – Debi – who’s healthy as a little horse (seriously…”You’re not the boss of me”…totally takes on a whole new meaning) – she has mysteriously high cholesterol and sports several heart stints. I have online pals who follow my weight loss antics (okay…some are downright hysterical…I fall off stuff really well).

I have women in my life who when we do workout together, it’s a blast. It’s really infrequent. I get discouraged because we’ve had discussions on “Yah! This’ll be great!”. Commitment is an issue…and then my commitment to myself becomes an issue. I know it’s an excuse. I can’t tell you how challenging and fun it is to workout with someone. Working out alone is…alone. Dumb excuse.

Life check. What the heck AM I doing here???

For those of you on the post-op wagon who got off track, those friends who run when I invite them to play at the park, the other friends who’ve opened the weight loss door of discussion then flee like a warehouse fire erupted when I hold you to it: all in or all out? Longevity of life to chase nieces, nephews, grand-kids, spouses, Minions, new cute little man-babies (okay…I really, really, really like Beckham) do a pull-up.

I want to continue to be amazed at the little stuff: I can put another half of me in an airplane seat – where I use to spill over into the next one. I can cross my legs…like…all the time. I’ve been in the bathroom twice on the plane – to pee – but I can walk in without turning sideways…or knocking the toilet paper into vortex below.

Personally: I’m either 100% in or I’m 100% out. My health, though vastly improved, is not optimal. Physically – if I don’t get the remaining weight off I’m in for a real headache. Knee replacements are on the horizon, and one will have to be in the next 12-18 months. My back hurts where my spine curves. The added weight doesn’t help. My butt bounces when I run (I need a butt-bra). I want to do Cross Fit (I can do most of the stuff). I’d KILL to get up to the top of a muscle rope – right now I can’t even pull my body weight over a bar.

Time to get off truck of lazy and focus on making my life matter. Not just in the Jesus realm, in the physical too!


A few people have asked me about the conference I’m attending in October.

A blurb from the web site: was founded in 1998 as a peer support community to help those faced with life threatening morbid obesity. By June of 1999, the site’s existence has been brought to the attention of clinicians and professionals and the organization was formalized to extend support to patients and clinicians while expanding the scope of its public outreach activities. As of January 2008, over 700,000 people have become members on the ObesityHelp web site seeking help to find a solution to their weight loss problems. Our web site has over 3,000,000 page-views a week from people looking for help.

As a member, the boards had been invaluable to me before, during and after my weight loss surgery. Sneaker Porn Diaries came about as a result of a friendship which developed out of OH (some would argue this has created a monster!!). Through the generous support of my weight loss doctor and others, I have the opportunity to attend an event that not only helped me on my weight loss journey, but also provides continued support and encouragement as I keep going.

I’m hoping to do a little networking, get some swag, and meet some of these crazy bloggers I’ve been following for almost three years (and see if we can Stuff a Bug!).

OH 2013 National Conference Agenda

faceplantWhether it be online or in conversation – I see & hear this statement a lot: “I’ve fallen off the wagon and I can’t get back up to work out…what do I do?” Well, my first answer is (and always will be) – get thy ass offeth thy couch.

My top weight was well over 360 pounds. One year my adorable little doctor with the starch-pressed tie told me I had gained 50lbs in five months. My orthopedist offered to write me a letter for weight loss surgery. I was so offended with both men that when I got home I parked myself on the couch with half a gallon of Moose Tracks ice cream (followed up with an entire tray of Stouffers Mac & Cheese – the family sized box). Showed them, I did.

Fact was, they were right and I was obstinate. Even for a good three months after weight loss surgery I was obstinate. I fully expected to do…nothing…and one day I’d just wake up skinny (say it with gay flare). My trigger to get up and move was pulled by my weight loss doctor, who would not stop nagging pestering me about exercise and what the benefits were. Since I was already a know-it-all about multiple addictions, technology, and of course being fat, I immediately considered myself the know-it-all about exercise, too (well, now I am!).

My very first session with my trainer ended with two very rug burned arms from holding a plank (I think it was 10 seconds), and utter humiliation. My stomach touched the floor when I did push-ups…in front of a bunch of bulged bicep-ed hot guys. There I was, on the floor like a fat piglet. I didn’t want to return. Ever. But…I had paid him, and I couldn’t go back to another follow-up appointment with “Well, I did…then I stopped…and I couldn’t get going because [insert all the excuses of the world here].”

It is very easy to fall into old patterns after a period of weight loss. A “break” turns into a “vacation” which turns into a “season” which turns into “what the heck just happened” which triggers a whole mess of other stuff that jumbles the brain. Ultimately, you sit on the couch and list out all the excuses reasons why you haven’t been motivated. Flip the TV on. Grab a snack. Maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow turns into a “vacation”…

I’m going to say this again because it needs to be said: Get up and move! All the whining in the world will not change the situation, neither will a continuation of stagnation. I’ve done it, it’s hard (and my face is plastered four times on two sides of someone’s car advertisement), the cost is pretty high. From RCW (remote control withdrawal), to OMGWHIDTM (oh my gawsh what have I done to myself!), to BMSIO (but my show is on).

Get up off the sidewalk from a proverbial weight loss face flop. It doesn’t require two hours a day in the gym. Just requires an active participant. Get up and GO! It really is that easy.

Check out my Quest for Low-Carb Noodles at Bariatric Foodie!

Quest Pasta Review | Sesame Shrimp, Steamed Asparagus, with Roma Tomatoes & Basil

By Traci McGowan

OBLIGATORY “FED” DISCLAIMER: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Bariatric Foodie discloses that the product being reviewed was provided free of charge. All of Bariatric Foodie’s reviews are fair and unbiased. The information contained therein has not been reviewed by the US Food & Drug Administration and is not meant to replace professional nutritional advice. Always seek the consultation of a nutritional or medical professional to address any questions or concerns you have about a food product! 

I got a package of Quest Pasta (formerly “Pastabilities”) from Nik a little over a month ago. To be honest: I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the thought of another review of a non-noodle…noodle. The first brand I tried tasted like Gummy Bears in marinara. I’ve also had a pouty pouch – certain foods are touch or “urp”.

To get motivated, I recruited my friend Anne as note taker/photography assistant (test subject). I tossed out a few ideas of what could be cooked up with the Quest Pasta Spaghetti Noodles, none brought excitement to my tiny kitchen space. Finally…I opted to wing it.

Traci’s Sesame Shrimp, Steamed Asparagus & Roma Tomatoes & Basil


  • 1   Package Quest Pasta Spaghetti Noodles
  • 12 Mid-sized Shrimp (deveined & devoid of tails) – I used Vannamei White Shrimp
  • 10 Fresh Asparagus Spears
  • 8   Pearl Onions
  • 2   TSP Sesame Seeds
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 2   Firm Roma Tomatoes
  • Dried Basil
  • Garlic Powder
  • Small Steamer Pot
  • Skillet
  • Food Processor (I used my Ninja)
  • Test Subject (optional)


Snip the tops and root bottoms off the pearl onions and peel the skins. Rinse the asparagus spears, cut into quarters. Place the onions and spears in a steamer pot. Lightly sprinkle the pieces with garlic powder (not garlic salt) and cracked black pepper. Place the lid over the steamer pot and on the stove over low to medium heat.

Rinse the shrimp under cool water in a colander, remove tails, and then set the shrimp aside.

Open the Quest Pasta Spaghetti Noodles over a strainer. They smell fishy, don’t freak out! Rinse them well in cool water for three to five minutes until the odor has gone away, be sure to pull them apart while you’re rinsing them. Suggestion: After the noodles have been rinsed and pulled apart, put them in a food processor (i.e. Ninja) and give it two or three quick pulses. The noodles will resemble rice. Trust me, THIS is an awesome option for Foodies who can’t handle 100 feet of pasta.

Next, sauté the sesame seeds with 1 teaspoon of cracked black pepper in a skillet with olive oil for 1-2 minutes until most of the seeds are brown. Important: The seeds cannot be left unattended, they’ll jump from brown to burnt before you know it. Lower the heat, add the shrimp, and sauté for another 3-5 minutes, and lastly add the Quest Pasta noodles. Turn the heat up on the steamer pot while you cook the items in the skillet. The water will evaporate away from the noodles and their color will change from translucent to something like dirty rice. Once you’ve arrived at a place which resembles the picture, turn off the heat and cover the skillet with a lid. Turn the heat off on the steamer pot, do not remove the lid until you’re ready to serve.

Chop one Roma tomato, place in a bowl and add one teaspoon of olive oil and mix well. They should look wet, NOT soppy (too much oil will create sop). Lightly sprinkle dried basil leaves over them and mix again.

Next, plate your meal.

I served Anne first, but she would not partake until I had prepared my plate. This is by far the best thing I have ever cooked. The noodles are terrific, they absorbed the flavors of what they were cooked with (kinda like tofu). The Ninja was an act of genius (no pride here) – I had no problems with them after a few quick pulses. They didn’t get stuck, nor did I feel the meal for the next five hours.

Everything together became a wonderful flavorful explosion of…wow! Even the steamed asparagus and pearl onions were incredible.

Quest – you totally nailed it (can I get a box for free??). I didn’t know it, but this is what I’ve been looking for in my meal plans.

Foodies – you’ll love them! Cook the noodles with something light and fun! This meal was approximately 170 calories and 22 grams of protien

Vegan/Vegetarians – GREAT option, would go well with tofu for you.

If I had ten thumbs, they’d all be up!

Hey, if you want to try them for yourself AND help out Bariatric Foodie, order yourself a bag from here. And next month look for the Foodie Review of their Spinach Fettucine noodles by our resident “Foodie Guy,” Dana!

OBLIGATORY “FED” DISCLAIMER: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Bariatric Foodie discloses that the product being reviewed was provided free of charge. All of Bariatric Foodie’s reviews are fair and unbiased. The information contained therein has not been reviewed by the US Food & Drug Administration and is not meant to replace professional nutritional advice. Always seek the consultation of a nutritional or medical professional to address any questions or concerns you have about a food product! 

sexybeastI’m working on a project to shine a light that will give a huge pat on the back to all the women out there who have literally worked their butts off. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to email your before picture. Include an after picture, but not just ANY after picture:

Make it sexy and sassy, and of course you must wear your favorite pair of sneakers.

Pictures need to be submitted by 8:00pm EST Friday July 26th as follows:

Subject line should read “Before and After Project” (otherwise it flies into a cyber black hole of spam).
Include your first name (or that by which you would like to be called).
Include your age (not date of birth).
Include the month & year of your weight loss surgery.
Non-ops can participate, too!!
Include your starting weight and how much weight you have lost. You can also include, if you would like: inches lost, pant sizes lost, etc.
Do not submit nakked pictures. Sports bras, shorts, things like that are fine.

Send your email to, or any questions you may have!


I learned a few things today:

  • Suntan lotion is ineffective outside if you miss your ears (oops).
  • Leg lifts on a faux concrete table make the bum hurt.
  • Gloves are helpful if one desires to not have little pebbles crushed into the palms of their hands while dong long armed planks.

Today’s Boot Camp Workout (insert loud “tad-daaaah!” here):

My warm up was a road cycle to the park with a 12lb back pack followed by 1/2 mile brisk walk (twice around the track).

Circuit One Circuit Two Circuit Three
25 Squats x 2 15 Table Squat Thrusts x 3 Jump in Place 45 Seconds x 1
15 Chest Push-Ups x 3 15 Walking Lunges x 3 Run in Place 60 Seconds x 2
25 Step-Ups (small) x 1 20 Leg Lifts x 3 Long Arm Plank 60 Seconds x 3
20 Step-Ups (tall) x 3 Lap the Track x 2 (1/4 Mile)
Lap the Track x 2 (1/2 Mile)


Chest Push Ups
These are modified push-ups that do not involve the knees (aka: “girl push-ups”). You can use a table at home, a park bench, anything that is off the ground. You then plant your hands on the edge of the table or bench about shoulder width apart, and straighten your legs. Your body should be at about a 45 degree angle. Your butt shouldn’t be high in the air, your knees should not be bent (like the faceless guy to the left). Once you are in position, lower yourself down and push yourself up. Do this for 15 reps.

squatthrustTable Squat Thrusts
This is a modified version of squat thrusts. I’m certain someone somewhere has a name for it, but until I’m notified of it, it shall be deemed Table Squat Thrusts. Plant your hands on the the bench of a picnic table (the part you sit on) or the last riser of a bleacher, box, or whatever other object you would like to use. Draw your legs up under you in squat position (you’ll look like you’re going to do a leap frog move). With your hands on the bench, drive your legs back so they are straight and bring them back under you to squat position (this picture here demonstrates how a regular squat thrust is done, just add a table or a bench). You can bring yourself up to standing position or stay in squat position.There is some impact on the knees, so if yours are a little crummy adjust how hard you drive your legs back.

If you have an exercise you’d like to do but your body is saying “NO WAY”, drop a line to We can find a modification for you!