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884923e0-3916-46e4-b385-186ae604a8fbSomeone cancelled out of boot camp last night, and my other participant was half an hour late this morning. So by the time she arrived at the park, I had already completed the warm-up & four rounds of the first set of exercises below.

I let her know the bar was moved up (generally this elicits a rather loud “oh no”), and that I had three rules:

You are not allowed to tell me no, nor what you will or won’t do.
You are not permitted to say “can’t”. That means you’ve already given up and that makes for a crap workout.
You can’t say “sh**t” (it’s her favorite word).

Anne is a friend from church. She also works at my doctors office, knows my PCP and my weight loss doctor. Anne started seeing my personal trainer last year (I drug her to a session). Admittedly – I get after her quite a bit to be more active – she gets mega props though: she’s lost somewhere between 50 & 60lbs! For a woman who recently turned happily 60, that’s incredible!

Saturday Boot Camp WOD

Warm Up
Forward Lunges: 15 reps (each leg)
Side to Side Squats: 15 reps (each leg)
10 Incline Push Ups

Set 1:
Quick Step Ups: 20 reps (quick breather) and 20 reps (3x)
Incline Push Ups: 15 reps (3x)
Incline Jump Backs: 15 reps (think half-burpee with a bench) (3x)

Fourth Round: 30 seconds of each in set 1

Set 2:
High Knees: 30 seconds fast (3x)
Jumping Jacks: 15x (3x)

Fourth Round: 45 seconds of each in set 2

Set 3:
Dumbbell Swings: 10lbs – 30 reps (2x)
Toss & Squat: 6lb Medicine Ball – 15 reps (2x)  Anne ate the ball once




Holy Cow! Check out today’s stuff. Not the weight size that got me, was the reps!

But I did it! What did YOU do today????

I think I mentioned recently I have an increased fondness for outdoor exercise – boot camp or my regular routines, really doesn’t matter. The entire concept is just so different from the confines of a gym. There’s no TV, no stench, no shared equipment, no waiting for someone to get out of the way. It just…works.

It is a little dirty…not in the XTina kind of way…and not in the “Hey [beeeeeep]…you did NOT just walk away from your machine without wiping it down” kind of way. It’s dirt. Real dirt. Dirt that says, “I did something dirty today”.

(All of this is just cracking my friends up who know how OCD I really am.)

Today at Boot Camp there were inchworms, plank jacks, squat thrusts…all movements which require touching dirt. I had dirt on my arms, in my gloves, in my fingernails (eew), all over my face, got a little grit on my teeth, dirt in my socks, something in my hair (I think it was alive, and I really don’t wanna know).

Although I won’t be out making mud pies anytime soon, I did enjoy the workout and can’t wait until tomorrow.

This is a picture only a CSI could love. That’s what I found when I finished my squat thrusts.


Check out the Work Out of the Day :

Boot Camp Trainee: Before



Boot Camp Trainee: After



Talk about a PERFECT morning! Temp was in the 60’s, skies were blue, just gorgeous – too gorgeous to stay in a stuffy house!

BCWOD (Boot Camp Workout Of the Day):

Warm Up: 1/4 Mile
Walking Lunges w/10lb DB’s: 20×3
Squats w/6lb Medicine Ball: 20×3
Bleacher Runs: 20×4
Laps: 1/4 Mile x 3
Incline Push-Ups: 45
Leg Lifts: 45
Modified Thrust Backs: 45