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I follow several fitness bloggers, my favorite being Steve & Bonnie Pfiester and their BCX Boot Camp page and LiveExercise program (um…no…really…I’m not a stalker). They have honest, practical, in-your-face content I just suck up.

Not to be confused with “suck it up” – that’s later.

Bonnie’s latest blog is about Celebrity Bodies, before and afters, what’s normal, etc. In her post she talks about what her weight typically looks like, what it looks like when she preps for photo shoots, and when staying a bit leaner. Bonnie also mentioned she’s been a bit more than her leanest weight, what makes her feel, miserable, and what twenty pounds more feels like.

I don’t want to quote her entire post. What I do want to quote is this: “We all have that weight where we feel our best, and mine is (go read the blog). That is a weight I feel good at, and I feel like I can maintain without being miserable.”

This is a frigging fantastic comment and one I cannot comfortably say. For while I’m incredibly happy I do not stare at numbers which loom slightly under the 400lb mark any longer (I still can’t wrap my head around that, I am not happy where I’m currently at – which is still another 55-60 pounds from my goal weight.

My goal isn’t out of reach. I know all I have to do is get off the lazy truck and do what I know I’m supposed to be doing. I have a lot of motivation: my friend Jill who weighed just ten pounds more than I did when we both embarked on our weight loss journeys (she threw herself into the gym – and that is an understatement!). My #1 Jesus Mum – Debi – who’s healthy as a little horse (seriously…”You’re not the boss of me”…totally takes on a whole new meaning) – she has mysteriously high cholesterol and sports several heart stints. I have online pals who follow my weight loss antics (okay…some are downright hysterical…I fall off stuff really well).

I have women in my life who when we do workout together, it’s a blast. It’s really infrequent. I get discouraged because we’ve had discussions on “Yah! This’ll be great!”. Commitment is an issue…and then my commitment to myself becomes an issue. I know it’s an excuse. I can’t tell you how challenging and fun it is to workout with someone. Working out alone is…alone. Dumb excuse.

Life check. What the heck AM I doing here???

For those of you on the post-op wagon who got off track, those friends who run when I invite them to play at the park, the other friends who’ve opened the weight loss door of discussion then flee like a warehouse fire erupted when I hold you to it: all in or all out? Longevity of life to chase nieces, nephews, grand-kids, spouses, Minions, new cute little man-babies (okay…I really, really, really like Beckham) do a pull-up.

I want to continue to be amazed at the little stuff: I can put another half of me in an airplane seat – where I use to spill over into the next one. I can cross my legs…like…all the time. I’ve been in the bathroom twice on the plane – to pee – but I can walk in without turning sideways…or knocking the toilet paper into vortex below.

Personally: I’m either 100% in or I’m 100% out. My health, though vastly improved, is not optimal. Physically – if I don’t get the remaining weight off I’m in for a real headache. Knee replacements are on the horizon, and one will have to be in the next 12-18 months. My back hurts where my spine curves. The added weight doesn’t help. My butt bounces when I run (I need a butt-bra). I want to do Cross Fit (I can do most of the stuff). I’d KILL to get up to the top of a muscle rope – right now I can’t even pull my body weight over a bar.

Time to get off truck of lazy and focus on making my life matter. Not just in the Jesus realm, in the physical too!


Studies show our current pace with work and family life does affect our health on a variety of levels. When you feel stressed, cortisol (a stress hormone) is released into your body. It creates an imbalance which can accelerate aging, promote weight gain, interrupt sleep, and create a large amount of other health issues: high blood pressure, body pain, anxiety, etc.

Exercise is a GREAT way to relieve stress, it de-clutters the brain (kind of hard to think about the next ten items on your to-do list when you’re holding a dumbbell over your head). If you’re pressed for time, and you’re stress level is out the door, try incorporating a few quick moves throughout your day to de-clutter the brain and improve your health. Not meant to be a replacement for a regular exercise routine, the suggestions below at least will help you get through the day little less stressed and help you not to chew someone’s arm off. 🙂

Start-Schedule breaks throughout the day. Take a brisk 10 minute walk outside.
-Purpose to make lunch a physical activity.
-Use the stairway at the office instead of the elevator.
-Wake up 5 minutes early and do some stretches, jumping jacks, squats.
-Walk, run, bike to where you have to go versus drive.
-For families, consider making dinner or a weekend meal picnic style at a park.
-Walk together instead of parking in front of the TV or the game station.
-Read a book.

I sat in a recliner/rocking chair today. Hung my legs over the side, rocked. Hung one leg over, tucked the other in the chair, rocked. Pulled my legs up, wrapped my arms around my knees, rocked. Later I planted my hands on the arms, pushed myself up a bit, sat Indian style, hugged myself, and loudly announced to my friend Lisa: “I FEEL SO SMALL!!” – and rocked.

Some of you read that and thought, “So…I have a recliner that rocks. Not a big deal.” My girth measured 5.25 feet (curtains come in 5.25′ lengths), and my highest weight calculated to just under 20% of the mass of a short ton. A recliner (that rocks) is an obstacle just as big as I was.

As big as a piece of furniture.

Evidenced by my weird compulsion over the past twenty-seven months to post gobs of before and after pictures on Social Media and scribble my athletic escapades on the internet for all to see, I have humbly been awarded lots of upward thumbs and high-fives. I see notes and receive comments which say “Great job!”, “Congratulations!”, “You look great!”, “What an inspiration!”.

Inspiration. A word which has been spoken into my life (or in print, both apply) over and over and over again by my friends, family, acquaintances. In small and large communications with my friends, family, and acquaintances the words “I wish I could ______” (fill in the blank) come up along with a story of how they want to lose weight, get in shape, wear that dress, go on a date, get off medications, tie their shoes, start a family, life a better and healthier lifestyle. They tell me all of this after they state I’m an inspiration.

If I were this “inspiration” to you: my friends, family, and acquaintances…I’m a poor one because you’re not motivated to move. At. All. I’ve visted you, called you, texted you, emailed you, Facebooked you. I’ve invited you to The Fit Pit, offered to share my sessions with you & have you meet the guy who has motivated me to be healthy. He and his wife also inspired me to start a boot camp class which I’ve invited you: my friends, family, and acquaintances, to attend – via all the outlets above (and in person). You: my friends, family, and acquaintances have said to me (you know, the one you said “What an inspiration!” to):

“I thought that was an invitation for the blog…”
“I have to go grocery shopping…”
“OH MY G…that’s just TOO EARLY!”
“Oh no, too late in the day…” was too early?
“At the Pig & Whiskey…” (it’s a night-spot)
“My shows are on…”
“It’s too hot…”
“It’s too cold…”
“I have a gym membership…” aaaaaand???
“I’m sleeping in…”
“I’m planning for the Sunday flu…” yes, this happened.
“Laundry day, cleaning the house later, and my shows are on…”
“My car broke…”

You’re not motivated, and I cannot for the life of me understand why. YOU: my friends, family, and acquaintances, who tell me I am an inspiration – with the knowledge I used to be as big as a recliner – would dare to say to ME your “I wish I could _____” (fill in the blank) with your story of how you want to lose weight, get in shape, wear that dress, go on a date, get off medications, tie your shoes, start a family, life a better and healthier lifestyle.

You’re not motivated. That sucks.

Only Your Best. No Excuses. Never Quit.

Only Your Best. No Excuses. Never Quit.