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A handful of us from church signed up for the Gilda’s Club 2013 5K Run/Walk on October 12th in honor of Foster Braun. Foster’s a member of our church, and also a radio personality here in the Detroit area (Foster has a voice that would melt Wolverine’s metal alloy adamantium skeleton). He’s married to a lovely woman, Ginny – they are just the perfect couple. Foster is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Our team, Team Foster, will be helping to raise funds for Gilda’s Club and the research to find a cure for Multiple Myeloma.

Prepping for is so not like riding a bike.

My friend Rebekah and I got together last night to “run together”. My cocky-meter was set to about medium-high because you know, I workout. So we meet up, agree on timed runs (6 minutes on, 2 minutes off), set our respective fitness apps, and away we went for a nice 3.1 mile jaunt. I kept up once or twice, but for the most part Bekah was a good half mile ahead of me. It sucked. I got smoked by a mom of four extremely rambunctious boys!


Kick up your routine: consider a workout buddy who’s better than you are at a certain activity. It’s extra special if that buddy encourages and pushes you to go a little further – even if they’re a lot cuter than you and a half mile ahead of the game.

And if you’re able, consider making a donation to help us raise funds for Gilda’s Club and cancer research. Our team goal is $500.00. I’m hoping all of you will consider helping us make it to $2,000.00.

Get up & GO!


At the urging of a friend, I sent a letter to my PCP and weight loss doctor that shared about my weight loss journey since I had been a patient. The letter was to thank them and also to ask for their consideration in sponsoring me for the OH Conference in October (I will post about that later this week). I received a an unexpected item in the mail this afternoon, with the note below.

In response to today’s Daily Prompt


Take a Cue From a Teenager

liamlickThe handsome, tongue slopped young man in the photo here I’ve known since he was somewhere around two and a half/three years old. His mom is my best friend and they are family to me. They rearranged their lives a couple times to help me out (my gratitude is as deep as the ocean), and I have had the unique opportunity to watch Liam grow up through my relationship with them. He’s quite the young man.

I didn’t realize Liam had only known me big and round his entire life. Near the end of 2011 he gave me a hug and wouldn’t let go. I had no idea what he was up to, he just flipped his hands up and down behind me and said, “Look!” three or four times. I think I huffed, “What??” and Christine (his mom) from the kitchen asked the same thing. Liam said, “I can put my arms all the way around you!”

Liam and I have a thing: I get a “hi” hug and a “bye” hug.

Couple of weeks ago I stopped by their house for breakfast and coffee with Chris. I was on a stool with my back to the stairs and he said something about every time he sees me I look thinner. Of course that earned a hug…then he tried pinning my arms and it almost ended badly for him (I train with Mark!). 🙂

So, Liam, thank you. You out of everyone have said the most wonderful compliments to me and I will treasure them in my heart for the rest of my life. I know men two and three times your age who could take a lesson from your actions.