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I follow several fitness bloggers, my favorite being Steve & Bonnie Pfiester and their BCX Boot Camp page and LiveExercise program (um…no…really…I’m not a stalker). They have honest, practical, in-your-face content I just suck up.

Not to be confused with “suck it up” – that’s later.

Bonnie’s latest blog is about Celebrity Bodies, before and afters, what’s normal, etc. In her post she talks about what her weight typically looks like, what it looks like when she preps for photo shoots, and when staying a bit leaner. Bonnie also mentioned she’s been a bit more than her leanest weight, what makes her feel, miserable, and what twenty pounds more feels like.

I don’t want to quote her entire post. What I do want to quote is this: “We all have that weight where we feel our best, and mine is (go read the blog). That is a weight I feel good at, and I feel like I can maintain without being miserable.”

This is a frigging fantastic comment and one I cannot comfortably say. For while I’m incredibly happy I do not stare at numbers which loom slightly under the 400lb mark any longer (I still can’t wrap my head around that, I am not happy where I’m currently at – which is still another 55-60 pounds from my goal weight.

My goal isn’t out of reach. I know all I have to do is get off the lazy truck and do what I know I’m supposed to be doing. I have a lot of motivation: my friend Jill who weighed just ten pounds more than I did when we both embarked on our weight loss journeys (she threw herself into the gym – and that is an understatement!). My #1 Jesus Mum – Debi – who’s healthy as a little horse (seriously…”You’re not the boss of me”…totally takes on a whole new meaning) – she has mysteriously high cholesterol and sports several heart stints. I have online pals who follow my weight loss antics (okay…some are downright hysterical…I fall off stuff really well).

I have women in my life who when we do workout together, it’s a blast. It’s really infrequent. I get discouraged because we’ve had discussions on “Yah! This’ll be great!”. Commitment is an issue…and then my commitment to myself becomes an issue. I know it’s an excuse. I can’t tell you how challenging and fun it is to workout with someone. Working out alone is…alone. Dumb excuse.

Life check. What the heck AM I doing here???

For those of you on the post-op wagon who got off track, those friends who run when I invite them to play at the park, the other friends who’ve opened the weight loss door of discussion then flee like a warehouse fire erupted when I hold you to it: all in or all out? Longevity of life to chase nieces, nephews, grand-kids, spouses, Minions, new cute little man-babies (okay…I really, really, really like Beckham) do a pull-up.

I want to continue to be amazed at the little stuff: I can put another half of me in an airplane seat – where I use to spill over into the next one. I can cross my legs…like…all the time. I’ve been in the bathroom twice on the plane – to pee – but I can walk in without turning sideways…or knocking the toilet paper into vortex below.

Personally: I’m either 100% in or I’m 100% out. My health, though vastly improved, is not optimal. Physically – if I don’t get the remaining weight off I’m in for a real headache. Knee replacements are on the horizon, and one will have to be in the next 12-18 months. My back hurts where my spine curves. The added weight doesn’t help. My butt bounces when I run (I need a butt-bra). I want to do Cross Fit (I can do most of the stuff). I’d KILL to get up to the top of a muscle rope – right now I can’t even pull my body weight over a bar.

Time to get off truck of lazy and focus on making my life matter. Not just in the Jesus realm, in the physical too!


884923e0-3916-46e4-b385-186ae604a8fbSomeone cancelled out of boot camp last night, and my other participant was half an hour late this morning. So by the time she arrived at the park, I had already completed the warm-up & four rounds of the first set of exercises below.

I let her know the bar was moved up (generally this elicits a rather loud “oh no”), and that I had three rules:

You are not allowed to tell me no, nor what you will or won’t do.
You are not permitted to say “can’t”. That means you’ve already given up and that makes for a crap workout.
You can’t say “sh**t” (it’s her favorite word).

Anne is a friend from church. She also works at my doctors office, knows my PCP and my weight loss doctor. Anne started seeing my personal trainer last year (I drug her to a session). Admittedly – I get after her quite a bit to be more active – she gets mega props though: she’s lost somewhere between 50 & 60lbs! For a woman who recently turned happily 60, that’s incredible!

Saturday Boot Camp WOD

Warm Up
Forward Lunges: 15 reps (each leg)
Side to Side Squats: 15 reps (each leg)
10 Incline Push Ups

Set 1:
Quick Step Ups: 20 reps (quick breather) and 20 reps (3x)
Incline Push Ups: 15 reps (3x)
Incline Jump Backs: 15 reps (think half-burpee with a bench) (3x)

Fourth Round: 30 seconds of each in set 1

Set 2:
High Knees: 30 seconds fast (3x)
Jumping Jacks: 15x (3x)

Fourth Round: 45 seconds of each in set 2

Set 3:
Dumbbell Swings: 10lbs – 30 reps (2x)
Toss & Squat: 6lb Medicine Ball – 15 reps (2x)  Anne ate the ball once


I was on the dig for information for a client and remembered I had this article in my pile from Dave Ramsey (you know, the finance guy?). It’s got good info.

Enjoy the read!


How to Get Fit and Healthy on a Budget

Kick those excuses to the curb!




When it comes to getting healthy and fit, we’ll come up with as many excuses as our creativity will allow. We’re like a third grader at 7 a.m., tirelessly scrambling for a new sick excuse to tell mom why we need to stay home from school.

But we’re adults, and it’s time we faced the reality that many of us are overweight and out of shape. The Center for Disease Control says that 34% of Americans age 20 and over are obese. That means one in every three of us has serious health issues. Outside of that 34%, many more of us haven’t jogged or lifted a weight since the Reagan Administration.

Somewhere near the top of our excuse list is money—or the lack of it. Gym memberships are so expensive. Cooking healthy food costs so much money. We tell ourselves that we can’t get in shape because it will mess up our budget!

Really? That’s not really true. If money is tight but you still want to lose weight this year, here are a few pointers to help get you started:

Cut the expensive gym membership.

You don’t need a hefty bill to a fitness club to get in shape. If you are one of the die-hards who regularly use the gym and get your money’s worth, then go for it. But some of us pay a crazy amount of money each month to run on a treadmill twice a week. You could save serious cash by simply running on a track at the local park or on the sidewalks and streets in your neighborhood. Besides, breathing a little fresh air in the great outdoors is good for you.

Skip the fad diets.

There’s always some wacky fitness guru out there who promises to sell the next “magic pill.” Don’t buy it. Those are just like get-rich-quick schemes; they don’t work. Buy your own diet food—it’s called fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins—and you’ll save money.

Plan ahead.

When it comes to buying healthy food, map out your menu before the week starts. Then, visit the grocery store and only buy the items you need. If you wait until 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday to try and figure out what’s for dinner, then you’re much more likely to make the quick and easy choice—something like McDonald’s instead of grilled chicken and green beans. Dave recommends eMealz, a simple online solution that plans your meals, helps you stick to your grocery budget and simplifies your life.

Don’t make things complicated.

If you can put one foot in front of the other, you can get in shape. Running is one of the cheapest activities you can participate in. All you need is a pair of tennis shoes. You don’t need the latest and greatest equipment. Some of that might help if you get more serious about running. But if you just want to lose a few pounds, there’s nothing wrong with a cotton shirt and a pair of gym shorts. And that goes for most activities that will help you get fit—just get out and get started.

Remember, baby steps.

If you’re getting in shape or getting out of debt, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Set reasonable, realistic goals. Unless you’ve been selected to be on The Biggest Loser or can afford a personal trainer and eight hours of exercise a day, you aren’t going to lose 100 pounds in three months. But you will make progress with a plan that works with your daily schedule.

Find time for short workouts.

Take a walk during lunch or your break. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park at the far end of the parking lot. Just look for opportunities to get some short exercise throughout the day. These brief bursts of activity will burn a few extra calories and cost you absolutely nothing!

Tell someone.

You don’t have to broadcast your goal to the world, but let a few people know about your desire to get in shape or lose weight. That added accountability will help fuel you when doubt creeps in and you want to give up.

Managing your health is a lot like managing your money. Kelly, a Dave Ramsey fan in Florida, has started using a “calorie budget” to lose weight. “With this plan, if I don’t have the calories in my daily budget, then I can’t spend them!” she says.

When Kelly eats and spends calories, then she needs to work out to make up that budget deficit. In the past, she spent calories beyond her means, so now she’s working extra hard to “pay off” the calories that she borrowed on credit. “So far, I’ve lost six pounds,” she says. “I have budgeted to reach my goal by the first week of July.”

How cool is that? Kelly understands that getting in shape on a budget just takes a little extra planning and creativity. So if you believe that it’s too expensive to get healthy, then you believe a myth.

runningshoeI’ve officially converted my kitchen in to a space which has multiple functions: coffee corner, peanut butter station, workout studio.

The table I picked up earlier in the year at IKEA is now the “L” to my desk in the office, the cart which was a floating island of sorts is now in the bathroom storing towels and much needed counter space (I had a plastic three drawer tall bin thing in there but the top bowed – that’s now hidden storage). Space is a much needed commodity in my home, so I removed items from the drawers and cupboards I rarely use and stuffed those in the storage closet. The items from the rolling island now occupy the drawers.


This is the new space:



This long bench was a $10.00 find at Target two years ago (I think it was a pricing error). It tuesdayworkout stuffnow holds my KBands gear, weights, a medicine ball, and all of my boxing gloves. AND the top is super sturdy for step-ups and other exercises.

And for Wanda, it provided a place to drop dead on (she really didn’t die): IMG_1790

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Sneaker Porn Diaries

A Fraction of my Sneaker Porn Collection

I didn’t intentionally set out to have a zillion pair of sneakers out on the porch (technically more sneakers could be found in a bin, in a box over in the storage closet, in a plastic garbage bag, or in a New Balance box which presently doubles as a door stop device). The sneaker pile is a daily reminder I no longer weigh 360ish pounds…

33inches (and a carpet)

McChubby v McSassy

McChubby v McSassy

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