Virginia's SneakersNot quite two months ago I got a message on Facebook from Virginia with a compliment that she had seen my before and after picture. What I didn’t know until we got together for coffee therapy in town at Tracibucks Starbucks was how Virginia came across my picture. I just assumed it was through a mutual on Facebook. She had actually done a Google search on the best trainers in the area and found Swift Results web site tied to the contest in Hour Magazine for the Best of Detroit. The last time I saw Virg live & in person was a couple of years ago through the women’s Bible study at Kensington in Troy.

Tonight we met up for a walk. We talked the entire time, and I’m telling you right now: God so orchestrated this new friendship:

  • Virginia and I are about the same height. We’re close in age (technically I think I’m older).
  • We’re ex’es in specs.
  • The interior of our vehicles could be the launch point for a new reality series: CLI’s (Car Litter
  • Abs are a reality in our lives, even if there are teeny tiny cuts. We can see them, and
    that’s all that matters.
  • We’re super close in weight (no, you don’t get to know).
  • We have the same goal weight.
  • Both of us are at places in our lives where old novels have been shelved, and new ones are ready for
  • We both have little heart monitors. Mine is in a drawer…somewhere.
  • Virginia and I have no issue calling someone out. She will (and has) stalk a dog owner to remind them of
    their duty to pick up doody, while I will loudly proclaim to any random person about to step onto a piece
    of cardio equipment they might want to wipe it down since the person before them didn’t care to remove
    their doody.
  • We both have a desire to accidentally casually trip skinny runners.
  • Anne & Marcia will adore her as the third member of the unofficial Royal Oak Oh-Em-Gee It’s a Baby
  • Train wrote her theme song.

If you would like to meet Virginia, you can follow her on Facebook or her blog “Life on the Virg”. She’s pretty awesome.

  1. Sounds like you found another pea for your pod! 🙂

  2. I couldn’t be more blessed to meet a great kindred spirit! We can reach our goal together!

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