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A handful of us from church signed up for the Gilda’s Club 2013 5K Run/Walk on October 12th in honor of Foster Braun. Foster’s a member of our church, and also a radio personality here in the Detroit area (Foster has a voice that would melt Wolverine’s metal alloy adamantium skeleton). He’s married to a lovely woman, Ginny – they are just the perfect couple. Foster is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Our team, Team Foster, will be helping to raise funds for Gilda’s Club and the research to find a cure for Multiple Myeloma.

Prepping for is so not like riding a bike.

My friend Rebekah and I got together last night to “run together”. My cocky-meter was set to about medium-high because you know, I workout. So we meet up, agree on timed runs (6 minutes on, 2 minutes off), set our respective fitness apps, and away we went for a nice 3.1 mile jaunt. I kept up once or twice, but for the most part Bekah was a good half mile ahead of me. It sucked. I got smoked by a mom of four extremely rambunctious boys!


Kick up your routine: consider a workout buddy who’s better than you are at a certain activity. It’s extra special if that buddy encourages and pushes you to go a little further – even if they’re a lot cuter than you and a half mile ahead of the game.

And if you’re able, consider making a donation to help us raise funds for Gilda’s Club and cancer research. Our team goal is $500.00. I’m hoping all of you will consider helping us make it to $2,000.00.

Get up & GO!



Runners know sprint intervals can quickly burn fat. Super quick. Like, seven times quicker than “so-so-car-dee-oh”. If your sprint intervals are like…booooring…consider hill sprints.

Hill sprints are exactly what you think they are: sprints up a hill. They’re a little safer on the legs because the body is angled differently and strides are shorter. Loading is greater, and the lower arms learn to contract faster. If you have knee issues, hill sprints are not recommended (so, consult your doc before trying something that’ll put you on ice for days, or weeks).

Jason Ferrugia, strength coach and author, uses hill sprints as his favorite conditioning tool:

Be King (or Queen) of the Hill

  • Leg Swings (30 yards): Walk forward & swing one leg up in front of you, touching it with the opposite hand. Repeat on opposite side.
  • Walking Lunges (30 yards): Lunge forward with your right leg, bring your right forearm down until it touches the inside of your right calf. Your left hand will be on the ground for support.
  • Ankle Hops (20×2): With your knees locked, use only your ankle calves to jump and down in place as fast as possible.
  • Sprint Warm Ups (5): Build intensity from 50% to 90% of your maximum.
  • Sprints (30 to 40 yards x 3): 95% of your max. Every week add one sprint, but never go past 95% of your maximum effort.

(from Men’s Fitness November 2012 issue)

We’ve had rain off and on since late last night, early this morning – but it held off for Boot Camp. I had intended on going either way. It was muggy, but tolerable, and there was a cool breeze to make one feel clammy and cold (whoo-hoo!). For those of you who opted not to make the time, just wanted you to know I met three lovely black women of different sizes being tortured by another. The first gal to show up of the three had some more curves, she cheered me on when I came around my last corner. I cheered her on one of hers. Anyway…

Armed with my hot ‘n sexy Trader Joe’s canvas grocery tote I hit the track.

Tube KitI stumbled on a portable fitness kit not too long ago. It came with two rubber resistance bands (heavy & medium), handles, an ankle strap, door attachment, and jump rope (ain’t happenin’).

Rubber resistance bands are great to add-on to your exercise routines, and they’re very portable. Just like dumbbells/free weights, the bands come in several different strengths from light to heavy strength and you can do just about every exercise with the rubber bands that you would normally do with free weights.

They’re also great in situations where you need to tie up a friend.

Boot Camp WOD:
Rubber Bands
-50 Sides
-50 Fronts
-50 Triceps Extensions
-100 Curls
-30 Box Step Ups
-30 Incline Push Ups
-30 Modified Pull Ups (I can’t pull my body weight up unassisted)
-1.5 mile run (1/4 mile x 6)

I did try to do crunches dangling, but my shoulder kept popping. Since I’ve dislocated it twice I really didn’t want to do a third time.

Final note: while at the park, an older lady came and brought her two little dogs to run around and play on the field. They were little Wiener dogs, and so darn cute! Funniest thing though: I came around the last curve to see one of them tear across sidewalk after a squirrel!

I do not get how long distance runners can handle the humidity outdoors. I am all about (insert dramatic air-circle pattern here) AC.

Tonight’s workout consisted of not one, not two, but three (yes…three) treadmills. The first one had touchy/feely issues (kind of like my ex-husband…). I had to poke the icons in just the right places in order to make it to the next screen (rumor has it this could lead one to a new level in Candy Crush Saga…or straight into a bad joke). When the program finally started and the belt began to move, it was slooooooow. I was puzzled because it was set to start at 3.7. I tried to adjust the speed. The display wouldn’t respond. I tried to pause the machine, the display got stuck on pause and wouldn’t resume when I poked it do so. I had to wait for it to time out.

Because I’m incredibly stubborn determined, I went through all that up there a second time. And again the belt moved super slow, set at 3.7. I was totally puzzled. Another minute or two went by and I figured it out:

Kilometers. Seriously. Matchbox cars in the hands of three-year-old boys move faster.

Finally I’m on my way, the machine is going. I walked a quarter mile, bumped the speed and ran a quarter mile. Wash, rinse, repeat. BUT…(you knew it was comin’) – a message popped up on the display with “User cannot be detected, press “OK” to continue”. I’m RUNNING! Try to poke the icon when you’re zippin’ along at five miles an hour. After the third pop up, I moved to the next machine.

There are seven or eight treadmills in the gym I go to (it’s small), and they were all filled. There was a gal to my left, a tall guy on my right (the display worked for HIM) – and we were all into doing our thing when BOOM! Power cuts off. Our three treadmills just abruptly stopped. No slow down. No “Danger Will Robinson! Danger!” signpost/popup. Just. Stopped. Period.

I almost fell off. I don’t know where the little gal to the left went, I suspect she flew off her machine. The guy to my right says, “Your machine stop?” Really?? He had a big white pair of Dr. Dre Beats headphones on and I swear: Princess Lea came to mind.

That led to my third and final treadmill of the evening. 5.0 miles in a little over an hour. On my way out I got onto the Leg Raise Dip thingy and did 25legraisedipknee raises (on the floor they’d be crunches). I was fairly impressed…even if I could only do five at a time with a 30 second suffocation-preventative break in between.


huuuuuhI love to share my unexpected moments of shame with the world. Like the day my pants fell down at the gym; or the day I slid seven feet to the floor off a Stair Master (twice); or the day my water bottle fell off the spin bike and exploded on the floor (that was my first spin class…my second was seven months later); or the day I had an all out brawl at Kohl’s in the lingerie (long-er-ay) section with Spanx (you know those were meant to be stepped into, not pulled over like a super big compression wrap?).

So I thought to invite you- the readers of Sneaker Porn Diaries, those who follow, and those who would never admit to following but they do – what’s your silly weight loss story?

The deadline for the Silliest Story…Like…Ever contest is July 15th, 2013. Submit your stories to using the following format:

Please put “SNP Silly Story Contest” in the subject line of your email.
Please keep your stories to no more than 700 words, check spelling and punctuation.
Be sure to include your before & after picture, and a picture of your favorite pair of sneakers.
Share your starting & current weight, age, city & state where you live.
First names and the first letter of your last name will be shared on the blog if your story is chosen.
If you have a blog, please include the blog address so your journey can be viewed by other readers!

Deadline for submissions is July 15th, 2013. The Silliest Story winners will be announced on July 20th, 2013. And yes, there will be a PRIZE!

You CAN workout…so get off your ass.

To workout or not to workout had never been a question, it was a decision made before I crawled out from between the covers in the morning. My weight loss doctor would ask me naggingly constantly if I had been to the gym. Three months of that led me to hire a personal trainer for six weeks just to keep him quiet. I thought I’d outsmart him with reverse psychology.

Six weeks later, I ate the proverbial crow pie: 17″ and 25lbs lost.

I have learned there is no valid excuse not to workout.

  • I am way too busy. If you watch American Idol, The Voice, and The Walking Dead with religious vigor– AND you DVR those shows (or others), you got the time.
  • I can’t do what people half my age do.
    Really? Madonna Buder has competed in over 45 triathlons. She started training when she was 48 years old. Her first Ironman was at the age of 55. In 2005 she completed the Hawaii Ironman at 75, she was the oldest woman ever to finish the race. Ironman adds new age brackets as she continues to compete. She’s best known as “The Iron Nun”.
  • Nobody will workout with me. Not true. You can find a workout buddy, they’ll challenge you and you can motivate each other. Ask my friend Anne, last summer we spent almost every weekend together at Weekend Warrior Boot Camp. She recently turned 59 (again). Just this weekend I chased her around the football field.
  • Working out is boring. Not if you add variety. Not everyone has to run. There’s the elliptical, rowing machine, Zumba (you brave, brave souls), spin, kickboxing, yoga, cross fit…the list is endless. Playlists are a big help, too!
  • I have kids, they take up all of my time. They don’t take up all your time (they sleep, right?). Get up early , or workout after they are down for the night. If they are babysat by TV, movies and video games, turn them off and get outside. Play sports, go to the park, hit the beach, hike, bike, walk, run, or create a Family Boot Camp. You’ll get some quality time with your kids and together model a healthy lifestyle.
  • My back/knees/hips/elbows/fingernail hurts. I sprained my back during a training session one night. Stairs hurt my knees. Running irritates the muscles which wrap around my left hip. My left shoulder has been dislocated twice, presently I have a fracture that’s three or four years old and a torn muscle. I have to have a total knee replacement. What’s your excuse?
  • I’m too fat, I can’t workout. That’s better translated to “I’m too fat, I don’t want to workout.”
  • I’m not overweight. What? You thought this was just for fat people? Not all skinny people are fit people. Exercise is just as beneficial for skinny people as it is for fat people.
  • My friend is a gym rat, there ain’t no way. My therapist said I would become a “gym rat”. A friend of mine who lost over 200lbs by living in the gym would workout three to four hours a day. I thought they were both nuts. I have since digressed. I usually spend no less than two hours working out.
  • My (insert illness here) makes it hard to get around. Talk to your physician, who will tell you to move. The Government says cancer survivors, those with arthritis, have had a stroke, have Parkinson’s, are mentally ill, even those who are disabled can all benefit from exercise.
  • I’m depressed. Great! Studies have strongly suggested regular exercise is helpful in fighting off depression!

You don’t have a valid excuse, so get off your ass and take a walk!

I had dug around in my box of weight loss surgery stuffs for some items that had been handed out pre and post-op. There was a “Get Your Kitchen Situated” list; the “Hi, the shrink says you’re not nuts…here’s your next to-do list” letter); “Vitamins to have on hand…for…ev…er” list; lists about food “Stages” (liquids, squishies, solids, Starbucks).

Actually, I think Starbucks should be a food group.

None of what had been contained in my little box of weight loss really explained what would happen to my cute self when all the weight came off. Rapid or gradual weight loss always results in physical changes: my nose shrank, my boobs mysteriously got bigger (I’m in denial and don’t care what the 4’11 lady said while I got fitted for a new bra).

Oh…clothes shopping? Really? It’s not (make little quote signs with your fingers) shopping.

Those of us who have personally experienced massive weight loss know all too well the frustration fitting rooms hold. Two weeks ago I spent the better part of half an hour in a pathetic stubborn effort to get into a Spanx tank. The damn thing rolled behind me because I somehow got it wrapped up in its own fabric and hooked in my bra-strap. To add insult to injury, the light overhead made that little fitting room hotter than a book shelf in hell.

After I wiggled out of the Spanx tank with a couple of MMA moves Mark taught me, I saw the back of a tag which had instructions. Plain as day: “Step INTO your shape wear.

I rock.

sneakerbinMy experience with new sneakers has been just as enjoyable, as you can see. There are 15 pair of sneakers in my bin: Nike (3 pair), New Balance (5 pair), Reebok (3 pair), Champion (2 pair), Kmart Blue Light Special (2 pair).

I now own my own sneaker factory.

Well…maybe own is a tad dramatic.

As a person who has first-hand experience with rapid weight loss, it would not be unreasonable to think I take as much care with the purchase of new sneakers as I do wrestling with Spanx.


Fat people walk differently than non-fat people (sounds like I just described yogurt). The muscles in my body had to compensate for my weight which means my legs would roll out (all of my shoes were worn down on the outside of the heels). Now that I weigh about 140lbs less than I did two years ago, I walk differently. The type of shoe I wore then I cannot wear now, and this is true for a lot of people in the weight loss community.

Failure to take the time to properly shop for sneakers could develop foot and/or ankle problems down the road. Gym sneakers are different than street sneakers. Running sneakers are different than cross train sneakers. The cool sneakers on the rack at a discount will not do their job if they do not fit properly. Don’t be me and look like a shoe who…um…hoarder. Love the feet you’re in, get fitted!

There’s a great article here on shopping for sneakers. If you have any additional input, toss me a note at